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CupcakeBoxes.com.au is an Australian owned online business selling cupcake boxes,cupcake stands, cupcake trees and cupcake towers. at a very affordable price. We have sourced the most popular products from around the world that we trust you will love as much as we do! CupCakeBoxes.com.au and CupcakeStand.com.au were born out of a love of baking cupcakes and making them look gorgeous.

If you have any enquiries or have any questions at all, feel free to contact us via

Email: contact@CupcakeBoxes.com.au

So we designed and sourced these cupcake boxes and put them into production. It can make a simple home made cup cake look highly professional.

Company Address: PO BOX 137 Pyrmont 2009 NSW Australia
ABN: 52 150 562 351 

Please call us if you urgently require a cupcake stand or boxes,please contact Jovin via this number: +610422613622

CupCakeBoxes.com.au is a trading company of CHEERICO Enterprise Pty Ltd

Drop us an email or if you prefer, fill out the form and we will get in contact with you within 24hrs. 

Jovin Sung