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We offer cupcake stands, cupcake boxes and cupcake supplies at wholesale for bulk orders. If you would like to order wholesale cupcake boxes and wholesale cupcake stands then please visit our wholesale webpage at www.CupCakeBoxesWholeSale.com.auSimply create a new account and within 24hrs, your details will be reviewed for approval and once activated, you will be able to view and place orders.

Why become a Registered Wholesaler with us?
-  We offer competitive prices on all our products
-  We deliver our wholesale paper and wholesale boxes Australia Wide.
-  We offer special discounts and incentives to our Registered Wholesalers.
-  We are able to cater to small and large quantities for our wholesale cupcake boxes.

There is a minimm order total of $200 per order and the wholesale prices tend to be around 10-20% off our current retail prices and it is at least 30-50% below recommended retail prices.

To see if you qualify to be a wholesale customer,

Term and Conditions

Minimum wholesale order is $200 plus freight; with a minimum spend of $200 plus freight every 2 month to keep your account active. If your order doesn't quite make it, why not try buying direct through our online retail shop, it is really easy & there is no minimum spend there.

If this sounds like you then go ahead and  create a wholesale account at www.CupcakeBoxesWholeSale.com.au

Happy cupcaking!

Jovin Sung

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